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Received no hits when searching directly for your game on the site or app. Try it yourself:

I think there’s a setting to expose to searches. Now I’m off to actually play the thing!

hmmm will look into it ty:) also how are you able to download the file I removed them?

I realized there are no builds available after I made that comment. Any chance we’ll see a build for MacOS or Linux? I can assist with that, if you’re interested.

Oh I already had the builds before but removed them because they were like a year old

I'm trying the game right now and it's very fun. But, what's the difference between the heal mode and the normal mode?

Thank you:)

So In heal mode the rate of fire for all guns is low then regular mode.

does it support controllers

Yep it does!

if its not working then you can add the game as a non-steam game on Steam and start the game from there and it will work:)

Tested on Mac. It works. Very fun game.

Thanks, I hope you will enjoy the full game too once released!

will it come to mobile?

No Plans for Mobile devices right now :(

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Every Way To Control the Game Is Completely Unusable


Gave it a try, was quite impressed at what I saw so far and made a short video on it! Will upload my full gameplay video in a couple of days! Looking forward to seeing more!!

looks like a cool game, can I use an Xbox controller? 

Yes you can!

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Everything's great except that im playing on a ps4 controller and theres no button to change the gun, also, after you get the second red gun im completely trapped, i don't know where to go

EDIT: I just discovered theres no exit button, but don't worry cuz I already saw that you are aware of it

Hi, as there are currently only 2 guns in the game so I haven't created a gun select menu for it.

After you get the second gun you have to explore a bit more which will lead you to the room where you saw the pink spaceman and going sown the room will end the demo.

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I already finished the demo but thanks anyway, the demo's amazing you definitely are going the right way, this game is like a platformer mixed with a metroidvania and i love it

Thank you very much!!!

this is great but im stuck ... got the red repeater gun but it doesnt seem to be of any use - any tips ?

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Hey, the repeater gun is just a normal gun it doesn't open up any new areas. If you explore a little bit more you will end in a room where you saw the pink spaceman and going down the room will end the demo.


Sorry about that, you can jump with "z"

How do I get the updates, do I need to download the latest version. Thanks

Hey, Yes you have to download the new version

Bad control. Graphics very good.

Like game, but how do I change to arrow keys or haven't you gotten to that. How do you exit game. I have to go to task master to end game. Good job on game.

Hi thank you for playing, I have changed the controls you will be able to use the new controls in next update which will be out in a day or two. unfortunately I haven't added a exit button yet, it will be added it soon when I create a main menu :)

the game itself is very good, the only problem is the controls the button to be able to jump doesn't work when pressed, this is very stressful could you fix this please?

Hi, Thank you for the feedback. I have already changed the controls and just doing some bug fixes and in the next update you will be able to play with the new controls which will be out in a day or two.

can you make for window 32 bit???

hey, yeah will be adding 32 bit build soon!

THANK YOU i hope you will post it soon:)))

Hey, I have added 32 bit build now!

thank you , i am very grateful

can you make this game move by asdw because my controls are broken and i can not press it oh and jump by something you like to press

Sorry about that I just recently changed it, earlier it was WASD to move but people didn't liked the keybinds so i changed it to arrow keys.

A nice demo, I hope to see more story elements in the future. 

if it didnt suddenly stop working and close the game out of nowhere, I would really like this game :-)

I am really sorry about that, game is still in development so it might happen. could you please tell me when it happened?

Hey! I like the game. Aestheticcs feel just great. Controls were a bit inconvinient to me. I would recommend you enable second controls scheme using ARROWS for moving and ZXC keys for shooting toggling healing mode and so on. This is very common in metroidvania games (take a look on Hollow Knight and Ori)

Another drop of confuse is that every time I press ESC button I have to start from the checkpoint. 

Well, that's just my thoughts =) Anyway the game is cool. Keep going!

Hey, Thank you for feedback! Yes I am changing the controls as many people suggested me (also the game is more easier to play with a controller so try it out). ESC key is there just to restart the game because game still has some bugs. ( I will be replacing it with a options menu later).

Hey! I am a Linux user (Linux Mint 19.3) and I couldn't get it to work. I tried WINE and mono.

My mono version is 4.6.2

My WINE version is 4.0

When running the command 'mono Hippoxxus.exe', I get the following error:

Cannot open assembly 'Hippoxxus.exe': File does not contain a valid CIL image.

Game looks interesting, please fix this (or tell me what to do if I am doing something wrong, thanks!).

Hey, sorry about that I have uploaded a new file for Linux, please let me know if its working now!

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the light braking looks weird... looks like a broken trail effect.

Hello, I am sorry but english is not my first language so I really couldn't understand "broken tail effect" mean i even googled it couldn't found anything that matches it.

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Really good Game but maybe make it so the player can lock onto enemys and shoot directly at them because the aiming is really hard and frustrating.But this game has a lot of potential.


Hey, thank you for feedback i will look into more ways on making shooting enemies easier!.

Slow-paced, sci-fi, metroidvania. The atmosphere was suitable for the concept. The music and sprite were beautiful. But I do miss more combat and story telling (story telling is always good). Overall I enjoyed this demo and keep up the good work :) 
Also the game was running on like 30 fps+-. Do you know why ?

Thank you for your feedback, For the fps I am currently not sure what's causing the problem, are you using a mac because i have not tested on it before?

I'm using Windows 10 Home 64 bit

oh okk!